Looking for a serious co-writer and/or co-director


wait one second and then ill tell you what its abt






ok im following u


yeah I see tnx
I am following u 2


yep saw ok so now the story


maybe we should talk on something else


do you have discord


or something else??


i dont have discord


no problem do u have something else


no my parents dont let me get social media


I’d be interested, if you aren’t already working with someone, I’ve already got a story started it’s only the first chapter and it isn’t ready yet.


Hi, I am interested in writing a story with you. If you don’t have a partner already then I would love to write a story with you.


I would love to help, if you already have a “Writing Buddy” then, well yeah. But I’m just offering my help if it’s not needed that’s fine. But I’m still happy to help with anything! :smiley:
I can do zooming, sounds and overlays and you know all that stuff. :slight_smile:
I can also make some backgrounds. :slight_smile: