Looking for a serious writing partner

Hey everyone I’m looking for a serious writing partner. I’m not looking for a partner which will write with me three chapters of a story I’m looking for someone who is seriously interested in becoming a popular writer I’m looking for someone with a lot of ideas :slight_smile::cherry_blossom: I’m good at coding overlays Background layers zooms and everything basically :joy: I just want someone who will be able to write and help! Thanks :sparkling_heart::heart:

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If you are looking for someone to help you message me on IG it’s mafiastar.episode

I’m willing to help you anyway I can x

Hi i’m actually looking for someone to help do the directing, while I write. i am interested and if you would like to talk about this. My instagram is tt-episode.

Hey i cant find you can you dm me At

I’m actually very interested and have a few ideas we can look over unless you already found a partner .?

hey im good at outfits and im willing to help pm me if u would like me to help!

i am actually starting my story and i think it will work but i need someone like u are u in?

  • I’m an advanced coder
  • I have tons of ideas, I’m so creative :laughing:
  • I’m serious as fuck, but I can be chill also.

Hey could you dm me on ig Destiny.Epy