Looking for a sketch artist?

Hi, I’m writing a story and i’m in need of someone who can do a sketch of a character. that’s it, not a background, i just need an artwork.
It’s going to be like a composite sketch :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

my instagram is @episode._.rosie if you would prefer to dm me.

I could help :blush:

Could you send me some examples of your work please? Or do you have an instagram I can dm you on?



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Do you mean a sketch like this without shading and perspectives just outline:

As sometime people usually call a Gray scale painting a sketch as well.

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yeah that’s what I’d like, could you help?

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Sure.Episode or my own art style sketch?

uh well, it’s going to be of a character in my story so episode?
Sorry for the late reply also, i’ve been away the past few days

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PM me the details and how you’d like me to sketch her.