Looking for A Special Art Scenes Artist



I’m looking for someone who is willing to make special art scenes for me, throughout the story I’m currently making! My story genre is mostly romance and drama! If you want to know more about my story info, message me or comment below, I don’t want to waste your time if you can’t make romance art scenes, such as kissing, stuff like that. I would like to see your special art scenes examples! I might need a special art scene relating to kissing… Almost like CK_Design’s arts.


Thank you but I haven’t published this story yet, but thank you, I’ll go the thread! Yes, I want realistic art, like digital art.


Unfortunately we cant make digital art, but we can make drawn episode characters!


Alright, thank you! I’ll message you when I need a special art scene! Thank you so much!


Also, just wondering if you can do scenes of people kissing?




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@everyone try to spread the word out to other art groups, but the Administrator Jeremy posted a topic earlier today about the art groups and how are comments are getting flagged. Here is the link, hope this helped, and please try to spread it out to the other art groups! :grin:


No, I didn’t report your post? But look at @Episode-Gold 's comment


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If you need more realistic special art scenes, I will be happy to help. Though I will need to have your characters and what you want them to be doing.

Please DM me if you are interested.