Looking for a specific story here on Episode

I remember that this story has been on this app since the old style app back in 2014/2015. It is a user story and from what I remember has never been featured.

It was a story about the seven deadly sins. I remember that our main character was female and the story started with us being told the backstory of these deadly sins and how our MC was going to be tormented by these beings.

Each episode had a focus on a different person in our MC’s life; it started with her boyfriend being taken by lust which caused him to be caught by our MC in a threesome. And then our MC went to her grandparents for the summer with her best friend; at her grandparents she met with her cousin who was living with them and gluttony took over our MC’s cousin which caused her to drink all the alcohol in the house.

Hope that the community can help me find this story on Episode if it is even up and give me the name so that I can find out what happens in this story. :grin: