Looking for a splash and cover artist!

Hii there! x

I’m not very talented at art so I’m looking for an artist who can do a Small and Large cover art and splashes for my upcoming story. I prefer the art to be done digitally :)) I can’t pay you, though I will give you as much recognition as you need for the brilliant work you’ve done. I will credit you in the beginning and end of each episode, example - @youruser incredible artwork! If you are interested, please reply and I will give you further details.

Note: Please show me your previous artwork if you can, thank you! :cupid: :gift_heart: :sparkling_heart: :heartpulse: :heartbeat:

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I could help with some art, not sure if i’ll be able to do all.
Here are some of my recent examples. The second one is an OC.

I’d be happy to do it but i cant draw males and i only do INK style and its better if its more zoomed in on the character.


Omg you’re extremely talented!! No need to draw a male artist, I’ll just let you do the girl :blush: I’d like something similar to the first art piece you showed me…

Here’s the details for Aubrey:
Body: Tan
Brows: Define Natural
Hair: High Ponytail and it’s a Charcoal colour
Eyes: Green and Upturned Feline
Face: Diamond
Nose: Upturned
Lips: Classic and the colour is Scarlet

Here’s the pose: aubrey I’d like a black off-shoulder longsleeve and the moon necklace to be kept :))

The background: image And if you could blur the background that would be amazing!

And no need to add a title yet, I still have no clue haha.

Please message me privately the finished result!

Thank you so so much! You’re an absolute angel and I will credit you as much as possible <33

Also take as much time as you need, there’s no rush :kissing_closed_eyes:

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no problem! i’ll try to start ASAP

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so both the small and large cover is this art? my english isn’t at its best right now

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Just wondering, how long does it usually take?

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usually depends on my motivation and schedule, but i could probably finish it before december ends

okay! just take your time, thank you so much!!

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no problem

hi can i ask…
what does the black off-shoulder look like?

Just like the first drawing you uploaded :))

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Hi so your super good at that i was wondering if you could make a art scene for me in LL if its not to much to ask for pls and if so ill send you the details for the chars


im sorrryyy im reallllyyyy bad at LL cos its a more realistic style and its unfamiliar to me
i could try? but it would probably take a while

Its ok if you try but im ok with cartoon kind to doesnt have to realistic

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send me the details and ill see how i do!

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Ok eyes:female generic (black)

Hair double dutch braids (black)

Eyebrows:thin arched(black)

Lips:full heart pouty(deep red matte)


Nose:round button upturned.


Face:diamond soft


Eyebrow:straight medium scar (black)

Eyes:male generic (ice blue)

Hair:slicked back solid(black)

Nose:straight flat

Lips:medium straight natural (pink peach medium matte)

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Brow:Arched natural (black)

Hair:double dutch braids(black)

Eyes:female generic(black)


Nose:round button upturned

Lips:full heart pouty (deep red matte)

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    December 26

send me the details and ill see how i do!

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    December 25

Its ok if you try but im ok with cartoon kind to doesnt have to realistic

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