Looking for a splash artist!


Hi! I’m looking for someone to make a splash for my (unpublished) story called Lab Rat, if anybody would be willing to make one I’d be overjoyed :slight_smile:


I’ll do it if you want, here are some of my examples. :blush:



Wow! I’d be happy for you to do it, thank you :slight_smile:
Here’s the info:

Text: For Sneak Peeks, Updates, And Much More - Follow @pixel_episode on Instagram

(like the example at the top)

If possible, could the background be black with blood splatters?

If there’s any issues, feel free to tell me.

Thanks so much!


am i a bit late? if you already found artist i would appreciate just your opinion on my work. :’)


I absolutely love your splashes! :heart_eyes:


They’re absolutely gorgeous!
There’s another splash I was thinking about that if you could do, it’d be fantastic too!


sure if @clevertimes is okay w that :’)


Yes I am. :wink:




Could you make it black and red with the text:
Turn up your volume. This story uses sound.
Any problems, let me know :slight_smile:


what should i use as a background? something scary or just something like blood red roses? also do you want any picture on it? (like if your story is ab vampires i would add mouth w vampire teeth etc)


The story is called Lab Rat, it’s about illegal human experiments.


Something to do with chemicals could be cool, but it you don’t have anything like that something creepy is fine c:


This okay or are you looking for something different?


Perfect! Thanks so much!


Your welcome! :wink: