Looking for a story. Don’t remember the title

I need help looking for a story

Help Episode Community!!

From what I remember the main character had some type of nightmares. In the 1st chapters she moved to an apartment and her new neighbor disturbs her with loud music. At some point they hook up and she finds out he was a body guard to some mob boss , but he recently got out of it to change his life. I recall her and her best friend getting involved and all of them start living with the mob boss… I can’t remember much more. Hopefully someone knows what story I’m referring to.

I never read it but just a guess “Nightmares we can’t forget” ? Idk haha

Nope. That’s not it. The MC has copperish colored hair. But that story does look interesting. Thanks for recommending… lol

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Oki :heart: No problem

It’s lovestruck by Mandy