Looking for a story editor plsssss

Guys. I am looking for a story editor who makes covers Splashes and if you can draw also. It’s great
you must be 100 percent free from. Money
you will get a follow from me. In instagram and hopefully we can also be friends :slight_smile:

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I only can make edited splashes. You can see my Instagram: @epipure_rebel for examples :grin:

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Do you make covers sweety? Edited is enough :slight_smile:

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I never made one, but I can try. It has to be a easy one tho. Like, I don’t know how to make limb overlays/edits for the cover etc.

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I can try to do some edited covers with a custom pose, text and filter or something if you would like?

I’ve attached some examples I did a while ago of a story I decided not to publish.

My examples don’t have custom poses because I was still working on them but I can still do them if you want any.

Example 1

Example 2