Looking for a story- Fantasy/Sci-fi

Hey there. I am trying to find a story that I thought I had saved but can’t seem to find it.
Details were:

  • The MC and her friends went on a trip to see the pyramids
  • They wander off and break a relic (scarab)
  • Travel through time to try and fix it- different dimensions (Ancient Egypt, space)
  • They meet an alien (Ziggy) who is also a love interest

Just wanting to know if anyone knows what it’s called or whether it got removed? I was waiting on a new chapter update and it’s just disappeared.
Thanks all.

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I’ve never actually read it but from your explanation it sounds like Through The Worlds by Ksenia

You can check the trailer for it to make sure: Ksenia (@ksenia.stories) • Instagram photos and videos

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Thats it, thank you!! I must’ve accidentally un-favourited it :sweat_smile:

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I believe it’s been removed from the app. I cannot see it, either.

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You’re right, I just saw on Instagram that the author got deleted. Such a shame :pensive:

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Really? I had no idea! Do you guys happen to know why?

I really want to know as well…
I mean … dude she had so many stories…
and was a known author here…

I mean she still is… (uk?.. what I meant?)

I wonder what happened :disappointed_relieved:

I loved that story :sob: :sob: I really want to know why Ksenia was banned

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I was hoping to find more information on the author and this story, I was so excited for the last few episodes to be updated but was devastated to see that the author got banned and all her stories got deleted by Episode.

Her Instagram is now unable to be found to so she’s seemingly off the grid. I guess for now we can’t find a closure to this amazing story. I hope the author is alright :frowning:

I thought I was losing my mind. I scoured my episode app and my Instagram. I just wanted to finish the story :frowning: