Looking for a Story I unfavourited


Hi! I was reading this rreally good story but I unfavourited it. :expressionless: Could someone help me find it? :blush:
I know it was a romance. The MC was called Bree and the love interest was called Liam Archer. I remember as well that Bree does street fighting and later finds out that Liam does too in the final battle of the competition when the go head to head.
If someone could please help me that would be great! :smile:


Is it ‘not interested’ by madison??


Yes it is definitely “Not interested”
I can tell by the name of the characters Bree Knightly and Liam Anchor


Moved to Episode Fan Community! Did you find the story you were looking for yet @XxSophieMaexX? :slight_smile:


I did!


That it thanks!


OMG thats it thank uuuu


That’s one of my favorite stories. :roll_eyes:


Mine as well
Waiting for the next chapter to come out…


Is she still continuing? The author?


Yes I guess at the end of chapter its said “This story will be continued”…


Glad you found your story! Closing thread :slight_smile: