Looking for a Story Partner :)

I’m fairly new to making stories on episode but I know how to do a bit of coding and have some ideas of what genre I would like to create (action, romance, fantasy, comedy). I am interested in including different ideas and perspectives to the story. I have an idea in my head on the story but am still open with ideas. I was interested if anybody would like to work with me, not full time but maybe on weekends and in the afternoon on weekdays. :slight_smile:


I am really into writing partner idea :joy:
If you haven’t chosen anybody I would love to create a story with you. I am into action, fantasy, horror, thriller and mystery ,I also have lot’s of ideas and I have coded in Episode for some years!

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That would be great I would love to work with you :smile:

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I have a few questions:
What state/ country do you live in (time differences)?
What genre do you want to write about?
Do you know how to make a writers portal so we can both access it?