Looking for a Story? Please help!


Hey there! As stated above, I’m looking for a story that, unfortunately, I can’t remember the title to. I made the mistake of not favoriting it to keep tabs on it, so I’m hoping you guys will know the one I’m talking about.

The story seems to be located in Ireland, and likely the more “country” side of it. The story itself seems to involve some of Ireland’s tales/ legends, like fairies and changelings

The main character is male, customizable, and also a detective of sorts.

The detective/male mc is on a case about a missing boy, and interrogates a suspect kidnapper (who is a potential fairy)

There is also a customizable female, a fairy, I think.

I believe this story was one of the contenders for an episode contest, but not sure which one.

If you know this story, please let me know! Thank you in advance!


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The story you’re thinking of is The Stolen Child.


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