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Hi everyone! I published a story a few months ago that didn’t get the recognition it deserves and if you have free time I’d love you to read it! (I’m not doing R4R btw because I simply have a lot of school work and problems right now mixed with episode and I rarely read…)

Title: Runaway Devil
Author: @/itsspaghettitacos on Instagram
Author Name: spaghetti tacos
Genre: Thriller
In a world where Heaven isn’t heavenly but a twisted game, you need to protect yourself, keep your past in the dark, and never let anyone know who you really are.


Thank u for posting אח יקר:

My story:
Promoting my story!

Name: A Model of Love
Author: Shiran k. AKA mehasels!
Chapters: 17
Story description: You are paving your way as a young, professional model. What happens when Matthew Santos, the new guy, shows you life beyond the catwalk? (Limelight, full customization, art scenes)
Reads: over 300k!
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5353144010997760

אני קורא עכשיו זה ממש טוב אההההה
thank you so much for the recommendation <3
feel free to check out my story any time!

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Hi!! I have a new romance story out that I would love for you all to read!
Title: Mine
Author: Cookie (IG: cookie.episodestory)
Genre: Romance
Chapters: 4
Description: Brooklyn’s a rising star and he’s a renowned athlete. What happens when the two are caught together? Will she make it out with her career still intact, or will she crash and burn?
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5749720206737408

  • Full CC
  • One love interest
  • Points system
  • No gem choices that affect the storyline