Looking for a story to read!

I’m looking for a story to read that has multiple love interests and choices matter also the love intrests can be both genders please recommend something for me to read

I love The Wall by J.Miley. Her coding and mini-games are always so good. Maybe you should try it out!


i’d love it if you could check out a few ch of mine!!!

Here’s a short synopsis babe:
Married to a monster, you must escape his grasp on your life. After encountering an old flame that you lost to society, details of the past unravel. How will your story end?
Chapters out: 21 :cupid:
Full CC, 1 M LI! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
ART SCENES!!! :fire: :star_struck:
GEM choices do not affect the storyline!




[The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: I’ll Make You Mine * 20+21*}(Episode Writer Portal)

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