Looking for a talented cover art creator!


Hello. My name is MzTeeLo and I am just starting my second episode in a story I’m calling: La Familia: Secrets. I’d like to put my request for cover art in now, so that it can be ready by the time I finish my 3rd episode and publish my story. I’m basically looking for both of these characters to have their backs turned to each other (sort of in a “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” way). I had created a cover, but it’s too basic for my liking and I’d like to spruce it up a little. Feel free to put your magic touch on it and transform it into something I couldn’t even imagine :slight_smile:

Thanks so much in advance!


I am


I can do it for you!



I could do it, I do digital art would you like to see examples?


Yes please! Thanks!


Hi, thanks for responding. Just wondering if you are able to use backgrounds that are not in the story?