Looking for a template and i don't find it

I know that one of the moments i need to do a making love scene in my story, but i have no idea ho to do that.
You don’t have to see nothing naked just underwear but i don’t know ho it works to get them in bed or in top off each other, is there a template of something like that or does someone can direct me ho it needs to be done.


Well, there is no template per say, you basically need a background similar to these:

I just searched for it on Google to give you an example.

Anyways, then you’d need (if you want) a blanket overlay. I’d recommend you doing because sometimes creating these scenes can be tricky, when it comes to rules, if its appropriate it or not :thinking:
Once you have a background like this, you can just spot the characters how you would with any other background, using the kissing/hugging animations. I hope this helps!

thank you and ho do you get a man on top off the woman xxx

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and can you post some off those backgrounds then i have something to begin with. xxx

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You just have to use layers. For instance the girl can be at layer 0, the guy at layer 1, and if you’d add the blanket overlay it would be at layer 3 :smile:

Those are off google, but on Instagram you can find accounts that make/have these type of backgrounds…

thank you xxx

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you don’t have the overlays off the blankets do you??? xxx

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I responded in the pm :blush: