Looking for a template in two

It was posted on Instagram with a template, you had one big screen with an opening in the upper right this is for the person you are talking to. so it is a facetime chat, I had it but I lost it, Does someone have it.
This was the overlay.
KNow i need the template that goes with it.
I know you dont see much off the photo because all is white and there is just a little squere.


Was it this one?


I will colour it in then it is more clear.


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Hia who do you credit for the overlay!?

I think it was RudeInception, I’ll check.

It was.

Kk Thanks :upside_down_face:

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it coms with a template it is the template them i am looking for. But that name says me nothing it comes from someone on instagram where i am friend with but i don’t know who.