Looking for a UNIQUE, INTERESTING and WELL WRITTEN/DIRECTED story to read? Look no further!

Hello episode community! :heart:

I’ve just published the 7th episode of my story Gifted Minds! The genre is mystery, the art style is ink and the episodes are long! This story currently has 892 reads and counting.

Here is a brief description:

"Ava is chosen to attend a school for gifted teens. Will she uncover the schools big secret and find love in the process?"

So, what exactly makes my story different from the usual episode story?

  1. The MC has a male best friend who is NOT the love interest (or gay).

  2. While my story surrounds school life, it is NOT riddled by the usual stereotypes and narratives present in many of the stories on this app. This means you can expect a story with substance, dynamic characters with depth and a realistic portrayal of school life from the POV of the MC.

  3. Gifted Minds is primarily a MYSTERY, meaning you can expect many twists and turns that will leave you wanting to read more.

  4. I’ve spent A LOT of time on directing in this story. The directing in this story is very detailed, so you don’t have to worry about getting bored with one-dimensional directing.

  5. I’m a university student so my grammar and spelling are pretty decent if I do say so myself. And yes, English is my first language.

  6. I’ve put a great amount of effort in writing this story in a way that is serious, light-hearted, hilarious and genuine all at the same time. I guarantee you will enjoy the dialogue.

I hope you give Gifted Minds a try :smile: I promise you will not regret it! Please leave me some fan mail to let me know what you think! Hearing from my readers brightens up my day.

Happy reading,

Justine22 :heart:

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