Looking for a Warning Background! (Closed)

So I don’t know how this works, but I was wondering if someone could make a simple warning background that says “This story has mentions of self-harm and depression. If these topics are triggering to you, please don’t read.”
I’ll give whoever is willing to do it for me full credit.
Thank you!


If still needed I would be hapy to do it for you

Yes! Thank you so much!

Do you want any characters, background included

Maybe a sad character (any character, doesn’t matter to me) in the bottom corner with a dark background and contrasting letters. I don’t know, but mainly whaetver looks right to you :slight_smile:

ok I was thinking what about your main character if I could have a screen shot with the animation I can use that if you like

Alright! I’ll get that for you right quick


I hope this is good enough!

Yep I’ll get started

Thank you again!

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Hope it’s ok. I was wandering if you would like to read my story ‘Glitch Game’

Again I hope this is ok.

Oh that’s great!
I also have already started that story, it’s really good!
Thank you sm!

wow thanks! no problem if you need anything else please let me know

Alright, definitely.

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Is your story out yet or is it still in progress as I would love to read it

Oh, and what’s your Instagram for credit? Or would you like me to credit you with your Episode Forums account?
My story’s name is Insecure and it’s still a work in progress :slight_smile: If you would like, I can let you know when I publish it.

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I dont have insta but you can credit me in here. Yes I would love to know when it is out.

Alright. Thanks!

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@Sydney_H or @Jeremy.:grinning:

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