Looking for a writhing partner

Please i really need it for my bad english.


What kindo of writing partner?

I’d love to help you
I speak spanish, but I’m really good at english, please message me!

I will help you if u help me :joy::smile:

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Grammar mostofley and zooming, l’ets say fixing little errors and make finishing touch.

Grammar mostly and zooming, let us say fixing little errors and make finishing touch. I am a beginner and this coding stuff is really diffiucult.

Because i don’t hear nothing off you, i have already send you an e-mail and everything, you don’t answer me.
There has to be communication between us. x

ok i am glad you work on it. thanks x

Hi , If you need some codes for your story just contact me and I will try my best . Kisses

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I might need your help later thanks girl! :kissing_heart:

Anytime :heart_decoration:

Can you tell me in pm here when you have finished because i don’t use gmail very often. I made it just to have a google drive to share my thinks. I would like to know to when you are finished because i have already finished 4 and almost 5 and i want to publish xxx

I can help! I have good grammar and I’m born in the U.S.

And I know how to zoom and stuff

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I’d love to be your writing parthere