Looking for a Writing Buddy Adviser Person!

Hi! So my brain is jam packed with ideas that pump me up like CRAZY. But I’ve got this little problem where I’ll create the characters- create the story- create the outfits- create the backgrounds- create the overlays- start writing and then…my emergency brake slams down and I can’t get back in my groove.
So I’m looking for a partner where we aren’t working on the same project necessarily, but rather we would pm each other what we’re working on, our ideas, and help out when we’re stuck. I’m totally cool if you’re an expert wanting to train a young grasshopper or if you also just need some buddy boostin to get that story finished! Let me know if you’re interested! I’m looking for 1-3 pals; any type of writer is welcome :smiley:

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Hey there! I’m interested if you’re still looking?

Heck yeah! If you wanna PM me, we can run some ideas and help each other out with whatever?

hey if your looking im willing to help with outfits and character creating!

i’m down

@mikaela_petty I’ll pm ya if I’m need some help in that area thanks :slight_smile: Right now my big stress is probably with directing!

Hi! do ya wanna pm me so we can talk more?

heck yeah!

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i will love to help you with directing! i’m currently writing my first story & know some tips that may help you throughout the long run. i’ve been coding for about 8 months now and i still have a lot to learn, but i’m always here to help!

Ah! thank you so much! Could you pm me? I would LOVE to have all the help I can get! If you need any tips in story development or just wanna run some ideas, I’d love to help you out with that!

hey! i’d love to help and be your writing buddy i also need a writing buddy cuz i just started a story so we could write together and help one another! if you have instagram you could dm me my @ is epyxships :))

Awesome! I’ll pm you!

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Im interested. I’m trying to write a story but I always get stuck and end up losing inspiration. I need some help with that :sweat_smile: I also want to help you if you need something. I’m good in drawing x