Looking for a writing buddy! :D

I’m Fierra, looking for a writing partner! This is my second acct btw, my main one is called EpisodeFierra. So my story is about a girl who has a boyfriend, who dies one day in a car accident, which gives her depression. One day, she bumps into a guy named Charlie who experienced the exact same thing. They start hanging out, and falling for each other. They start to feel happy… Charlie then has an idea. He tells the girl about it and shes okay to do it. They meet each other on a cliff, share a first ,and last, kiss before they jump off the cliff together, holding hands.

This was my original idea, and I hope someone loves it as much as I do! Good day! xox
And I make sure to post this before writing as I want to write it and share ideas throughout writing the story! :3

I can’t be your writing partner, sorry, but your idea sounds really good. :heart:

That’s okay :stuck_out_tongue:

awesome! :smiley:

pm me if you ever have any ideas for the story :3