Looking for a writing buddy for my story

my new story Humangel Academy inspired by deadly class is brand new and i would like a writing partner who has a open schedule of friday-sunday

What would the story be about?

What kind of writing buddy are you looking for? Eg, coding or ideas? :blush:

yeah, what she said ^^ what kind of writing partner u after?

I would love to write with you!

srry for being inactive no wifi lol but anyways im looking for a coder


are you good at coding

my story is about a boy/girl going to a school for people like them humangels, humangels are people who have powers and they go there for teaching on their power

No worries, unfortunately I can’t help but good luck with your story :slight_smile:

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there you go

eh I’m not that great. Sorry. I could try though.

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Alright dm me