Looking for a writing group of friends

Hi! My name is Crissy and my sister and I are looking for an amazing group of friends to write a story together for episode. If interested Pm us
-thank you



im gonna email u now lol

I’m interested!!

Great! Do you have discord?

Am in

Do you have discord


Do you have discord

i really need a writing partener because idk how to write a story

Me too :joy:so do you have discord?

what is discord?

hi and i am also in need of friends

It’s a messaaging app kinda like hangouts and indtagram

I can

oh thanks, but i am just sad

Why are you sad?

because i don’t have any friends, i don’t know how to write a story and i am shy and new here.

Hey it’s ok do you want to join our group?

sure i would love to