Looking For A Writing Group!

Greetings to you all! :wave:

I am in need to make/structure a writing group, I’m thinking maybe 3 members, including me which makes us 4 altogether.
I haven’t made the story-line yet for various reasons, why I haven’t fulfilled it? It’s because I wanted us altogether to use our imaginations and creativity.
If you’re interested, be free to message me, add me on discord or instagram.

Username: ᴏɴɪᴋᴀ
Tag: #8728

Username: o.nni.e

Thank You. :wave:


hey! I’m interested.
I’ll dm you on Instagram :slight_smile:


I’ll be glad. :relaxed:

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I’m in…But could you guys help me with something I need with my story?


hey @priyankachatterjee!

What do you need help with and what is your Instagram name?


I’d love to join the writing group my insta is thatrandomgurl111 dm me

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ok! I’ll Dm you in a second on behalf of the group :slight_smile:

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I would love to help instagram: coookie_episode


Hi! I’m just checking with our group members. Give me a second :slight_smile:

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@coookie and @Katie3! Thanks for being interested.

The leader of the group @Onika is busy at the moment but will consider you both once she returns.

I’m sure you will both be successful in joining the group but as our leader is away, it is not my or anybody elses place to accept you in to the group with out @Onika 's consent.

You will have your answer by tomorrow at the latest :smile:


okay :slight_smile:


Ok cool!


Of course. :sparkling_heart:

I would love to be in your group my name is myalovespandas I would say i’m pretty good at writing stories especially on episode and I can help with feedback! please consider me as being apart of your group. It’s okay if ya’ll already have a dream team I just wanted ya’ll to know that I could be a possibility not saying you have to pick me or anything. But would be super stocked if you did!

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Hey! What’s your Instagram name?

my instagram id is @priyanka.episode

I needed it but it’s shorted now. but I love to be a part of your writing group…:relaxed:

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Hey @priyankachatterjee

Looks like we have too many members ATM. Sorry for the inconvenience :slight_smile:

Oh! it’s tottaly cool…:slightly_smiling_face:

Can I?

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