Looking for a writing partner! <3

I would love a writing partner! I have a few ideas but not many but I’m sure we could work something out together! I don’t mind where you are from but preferably Australia so it is the same time zone :slight_smile:

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ok pm me!

If you still need one i can help

sure pm me!

I have tons of ideas and would love to share and create a story with someone

Hi I am new to the forums but have been playing episodes since forever lol. I have experience writing stories with fanfiction but episode is so different and I was hoping if someone could help me with the coding/writing if possible. Oh and I would like to add I am in the US so someone with the same or close time zone to me is preferred please.

I’m quite good at coding; my dad was as well and it passes in the family naturally I think, but I SUCK at keeping one idea throughout a novel. So if you need somebody to help code/organise or decode errors in you’re writing I’d be happy to help, I also have way to many ideas so I can pitch in but, as I said, I’m such a perfectionist and am terrible at finishing stories as I just want to “adapt” the ending over…and over, and over again.
The only issue is I’m in the UK so our timezones are conflicting, aha.
If not it’s alright xx

Hey! You’re exactly what I’m looking for! Do you think you could help me? I’m in the UK as well

Sure thing! Only just seen as am back at school now (gotta get my revision in lel) but if you want to send me your script via PM or via me logging into the account… IDK how it works am kinda new to this stuff? PM me and we’ll sort out the details when you get this :blush:

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I’ve got the script in google doc, I’d just need your email.
Sorry for the late response!

sure thing, I’ll PM you it.