Looking for a writing partner/co-writer [OPEN]

Hi, everyone! I wanted to let you know that I’m still looking for a writing partner or co-writer! This is for two reasons. One is that I am a college student and do not have all the time in the world to dedicate to a story, so I would love to split the work with someone. The other reason is that I can have trouble getting ideas going after I have started something.

I am looking to write a zombie apocalypse story! Hopefully, something similar to the amazing The Infected by Caitoriri. Other than that, I don’t have many ideas floating around, so let’s talk it over! If you’re not the best coder, no need to worry, because I can code pretty well.

If you’re interested, please leave a comment and/or send me a DM! Thanks for your time! :heart:

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Hey! I’d be so down to help, we can bounce ideas off each other and stuff.

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That would be awesome! Wanna send me a DM?

You’re still looking for one? I’m up for a co-writer cuz I’d love to write but my brain can’t produce much ideas without someone’s help


Sure! Send me a DM and we can chat :smiling_face:

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I wanted to make a comment to ensure that this topic doesn’t close, as I’m still looking for a partner!

Are you still looking for a partner


So i will like to be then

Send me a DM! :smiling_face:

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Can someone be a co author with me?

Bumpity bump :two_hearts:

Bumping! :crazy_face:

can some one be a co-writer in the story i am creating :smiley:

What kind of story are you wanting to write?

Hello I am writing an lgtbq+ of intense love history but I need a co- Writing partner because i only know the basic things I don´t know how to use all the things

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Can I be a co-writer?

Hey i want one

Hi, do you have social media? Or discord?

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I have insta