Looking for a writing partner / coder / designer for fantasy story (limelight)

hey! my name is olivia and i have this idea i’ve been developing for an episode story for a while now. however, i’ve been trying to teach myself to code & it’s been a nightmare to say the least. i’m very fluent with the app itself, i’ve been reading episode since it launched. i am an experienced writer and i have a solid idea for the general outline of the story i would like to write, i just can’t execute it properly. i can visualize all the scenes in detail but cannot get them to code properly. if you want to hear the story idea, please dm me on instagram @olivialexrose

i’ve made most of the characters already, i’ve written only 21 lines of codes in the first episode so far. but i would love a friend that’s experienced at coding, designing story banners / covers, helping with overlays and bg’s, etc. i’d love to include things like point systems that personalize the story for the reader too. i know it’s a lot to ask, but i have lots of faith in this story idea & i hope i find someone interested. i not only want to work together but become great friends too. thank you, please dm or reply if you’re interested :slight_smile:


Hi Olivia.
(I love that name🥰)
I’m Samantha.

If you haven’t already found someone, I would love to help you with your story and I’m able to help with everything (coding, art, overlays).

PM me if your Intrested and haven’t yet found someone. :grin: