Looking for a writing partner & coding (directing) partner for new story :)


Hi there, my name is S. Starsh,

I’m the author of multiple stories on Episode like Accidentally Pregnant!, Shipwrecked, One Last Summer Fling, etc.

Currently I’m working on creating a new LIMELIGHT story which is going to be called “Only For a Night”. As I’m really busy… like most writers are :D… I would like a writing partner to work with me on this new story to make it the most high-end and high-quality story I’ve put out so far. I really want this story to stand out and be something that my readers love and enjoy. I think a writing partner is great because we motivate each other to be better and avoid writer’s block, that way we can update more frequently. Also, in terms of directing and checking on grammar and spelling it’s always good to have someone who challenges you.

The story will be about Nia who has had a hard life so far… Her best friend Wesley convinces her to join the business of becoming an escort which is obviously sketchy… all of that changes when the brothers Cole and River want to hire an escort for their brother’s wedding to not show up alone. Since they have the same last name, Nia is sent there alone, basically having to choose. Of course she’ll be torn between the brothers throughout the stories. However, they’ll both challenge her and convince her to go after her dream of becoming a successful songwriter. (Here I imagine directing really cool concert scenes and left the Episode readers have a look at the music industry, going on tour, traveling, etc.)

I think it would also be great to combine our writing styles and come up with cool choices for the readers., really built up the individual characters and create a deep and interesting story…

If you’re interested I’d be thrilled! Please don’t hesitate to message me!
I’ll get back to you asap.
My 14 million readers will thank you :smiley: and I think together we can reach even more people!

S. Starsh


Hi I would be interested in helping you out it sounds like you have a solid story and that it will the readers guessing. If your still looking for a writing partner just let me know :grin:


I would love that :slight_smile: Direct message me on instagram @stellavallen to discuss


I have messaged you on Instagram