Looking for a Writing Partner/Collab

Im writing a story in LIMELIGHT and I’d love for my first one to be a collab with someone who knows their way around episode! I have the story line planned out but I’d really love to work with someone who is good with coding and choices because I feel that would make this story a heck of a lot better than if it was just straight forward and to the point.

I would love if the person I work with would go in on ideas with me to make this story have twists and turns so it can be really deep.

About the Story:
-This story is a story of a girl named Rosaline (Rose/Ro for short)
-She is 23 and recently out of college.
-The main male char. & her are involved somehow but she doesn’t know it (due to certain circumstances which will appear in a flashback later)
-She is reserved and quiet and would much rather prefer reading than going out, which her best friend forces to do
-Family life is extremely complicated due to an accident
-People tend to be intimidated by her but she is kind, just introverted since her accident

Feel free to pm me on here but messaging me on instagram would be the easiest way!
Insta: fallondgem!

(waiting on small cover :smiley: )

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Ill pm you!

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