Looking for a Writing Partner for Fantasy Story

I desperately need someone to help me with my story. I already have all of the basic story line and everything I want included in it prepared. I just don’t have a lot of time to work on it with school and work, and it’s a fairly big project, so I’ve been slowly working on it for the past year. Want to know the best part? I haven’t even finished the first episode yet. Which is ridiculous, and I really want to be able to publish it at some point, and I don’t think I’ll be able to do that on my own.

I have finished making all the main characters and I’m currently working on just writing all of the main script and putting small notes for future programming and spot directing so that there isn’t as much to do.

Here’s what I need:

  • Background Characters (I don’t care what they look like as long as they aren’t the same as preexisting characters and are diverse)
  • Spell Check / Grammar Check
  • PROGRAMMING (This is the biggest part. Writing dialogue is easy for me, but programming in the animations and spot directing is very time consuming and the main reason why it has taken me a YEAR to finish the first episode)

My story is set in modern times. A woman wanders into the woods at a party in a small town, meets Satan (yup), becomes a witch and gets pregnant, and has you as a result. Your mother and the rest of your family is killed by a group of townspeople and demon hunters after someone spots you (a toddler) using magic, but your mother sends you away to safety using a spell that kills her. You are sent to a well-off family in a nice town, and your mother’s spell makes everyone in the town (including the family) believe that you have been there all along. As you grow up, you use your abilities to get yourself out of sticky situations, but avoid using them too much so you don’t end up being burnt alive like your family. Then, after years of safety, a stranger shows up and it becomes harder to hide who you really are.

If everything goes well, I have an idea for a sequel (not the same main character, but it would be the same world and would be set about a century in the future) and would love to have you work on it with me.

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i can help you with creating characters and spell check and grammar check