Looking for a writing partner for my Story

I’m thinking of creating a story, but as I’m quite new to coding on Episode. I am looking for an experienced coder, Background/Cover artists/overlays etc.
For this story, I have some title names but I’m still debating

Story Summary:
It’s your sister’s bachelorettes party, and you’re invited. Your sister has made you the maid of honor. After several hours of parting non-stop, All 6 of you decide to talk to some psychic lady who said she can make you can “connect with men” and You drink the weird tea she made you.
Several hours of more hardcore parting, You trip and hit your head on a stage
And wake up in the Hospital. Realizing you heard what the male doctor was thinking.
While driving to work with your intern, YOU finally realized you could hear someone’s inner thoughts.

Watcha guys think…
If you like the idea and you would like to my story a reality
Just hit me up

Lots of love



Hi! I love the idea and I’d like to help you make your story a reality!

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Do you have a Instagram account so we can talk?

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