Looking For a Writing Partner For Romantic Comedy


I’m looking for a beginner coder and writer to help me with a story I’m working on. I’m also a beginner so we can get better together. :grin:


hi! Is this offer open?
I would love to help you

Do you have instagram?


sadly I do not have insta


Hi, I wouldn’t say I’m a beginner to directing as I have a story published but I can definitely help you learn. We could talk on here or GoogleHangouts. I have a writing group called Episode Royalty, you could apply too but outside that I could help you direct. I’m recommending you join Episode Royalty as they have great story planners. PM me if you’re interested. :wink:


Pm me? I would love to work on this story with you :slight_smile:


I would love to!If this is still available i would love to help you can PM me if you want!


I would love to, I’ve you’d give me plot and the chance to show you I can.


Hi there! I’d love to help writing your story, rom-coms are my favourite!
If you’d like to speak more, feel free to private message me!
Thanks in advance :blush:


@WinterMoon05 @southampton23 @Babyblue2 @Em.dawn @Fernyspumpkin I was thinking about a fully customizable MC and her husband mutually deciding to get a divorce and stay friends and they decide to set each other up on dates. I want to define that the ex husband won’t be the villain in the story , but like the tritagonist (third) protagonist. I was thinking the antagonist could be the ex’s mother who believes MC ruined something her or her son. This is the plot I was thinking about for maybe 25-30 episodes. If any of you have any ideas to make the pitch better than feel free. :grin:


@gabriella I’m not great at coming up with story ideas but I can definitely help code. :slight_smile:


hi, I’m actually unable to help now. sorry for the Inconvenience :slight_smile:


@gabriella thats an amazing plot for a story!


Hello! I am Cora. I’ve been coding for a long time but never published any of my stories yet so Im still a beginner. lol
I love the plot of your story. However, what is the mother angry about specifically and why had the two get a divorce? Don’t answer though. These are questions you can write down to help provide u with plot ideas surrounding the situation.


Also, what are the two protagonists’ personalities that affects the story as it progresses and what helps them grow?


Hey I like you’re idea. I can’t be a writing partner because (I run a splash edit topic and I’m writing a story of my own) but I would love to help if you have any doubts at all. :slight_smile:


Your questions are exactly why I need a partner tbh


Really? Do you have any way of being contacted? I am working a story that I am planning on publishing this time and a book series on Amazon I am trying to complete, but I can help you as far as giving suggestions. I can share some that may help spark ideas. You can mix them or discard them.


PM would just work best because I don’t have an Insta


PM here? I mean this website lol