Looking for a writing partner/group to help me

Hello, my name is Toni! I’m new in this community and I’m looking for a writing group :slight_smile: The idea for the plot is still blurr because this will be my first story. I’m open to suggestions. The genre will be romance/drama. :smile:
Thank you in advance!


I can do characters and outfits

I could help… Not really good at coding currently learning… So let me know how I could help

Hi I’m willing to help.
I’m currently busy with my first story and I also need help and advice from other readers.

I’m working on my first story has well, and I am new here too. We could team up and help each other out. I’ve got quite a few ideas for stories in that category so just message me and we could figure something out if you want!


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I would love to help!!!

i could help ! what do you need?

I could help code, write, character design, proofread

If u want u can join v


Hi! I’m Harlow and I’m looking for some people to help me with my new story. I’ve started planning it and writing a plot but it would be great to have some writers or artists to help!

Hi Harlow! I can help you if you would like me to! Just DM me on Instagram: @sam.episodeee

thank you! I’ve been having a very hard time directing.

I could read it and help with some things. What do you think?

That would be amazing thank you!

I can make and design characters