Looking for a writing partner! (INK)

Hey everyone, I’m looking for a writing partner on a idea I have…
It’s about doctors, and the main character falls in love with one of her patients… I don’t know what type of doctor yet, maybe a heart or lung.
It’s not much and needs some work but if your interested you can fill out my form, Thanks!


I submitted!

Yea I checked it out I have no idea when I, gonna start but hopefully soon haha.

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I mean I can start whenever but just DM and let me know when you want to start.

Okay thank you!

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Of course! I love writing in Ink and I am available most of the time so just DM me. :blush:

Me too!

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:blush: So, when do you think/want to start working together?

Whenever, I think maybe in the next week.

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