Looking for a writing partner/ interested in writing a story with somebody?



My name is Ana. I am currently looking for a writing partner, I am currently writing a story. I already have the: Name, Covers,intro-and Outro’s and even a art scene.The story should be a drama/romance story, but not the typical stories you read online. I want to adress many important themes, such as rascim and more. If somebody is interested in writing/planning on doing it with me i’d be really happy.:woman_technologist:t5:

(P.s: If you are interested dm me on instagram: @Episode.anaaa, or here in the forum)


Sure I love to help


Just Pm me what you need help with:grin::grin::grin::grin:


Acturally I’m not only looking on help. I am looking for somebody who wants to actually ‘‘plan,write,direct and publish’’ a story WITH me. But still big thanks for offering you’re help, I’ll keep it in mind :heartpulse:


Sure when do you want to start


I’m good at writting stories


have you maybe already written one?




whats the story name?


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