Looking for a writing partner! New story Blood Lines : A new Age

Well, I am creating this SUPER complicated and advanced story right now, but I need a coder and writing partner. Doing art is a plus for me.

My story we will be working on. Be reminded that this story will not actually start being writing for awhile until I have got the WHOLE story in check. So this might not be started until august.:

The world of magic and sexism, and the lies are more than the half of it. The govern,ent isnt what they seem to be, and team legacy seems to be on their trail. Will symphony be able to have what it takes to lead them to victory?

Title: Blood lines: A new age (THE SERIES) (Season one)
Author: AlyssaThePretzel - ig: epi._pretzel

Anybody willing to help?

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I can do characters and outfits if you need


I can code !


I can do art but I’m not the best :