Looking for a writing partner or group! Any one up for it?

Heyy! Looking for a partner to write a story with. If more then one responds to this (highly doubt) then I’m cool with a little team of writers. Thanks xx


Ahhh yay :clap: That sounds great!!!

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I can help come up with ideas, character names,

I would love to be a character designer

I also do art

I’m good at coding, but if I am accepted I would like to not be the only one that’s coding, because it is time consuming (:


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Ohhh sis thats great and no worries you wont be the only one :relieved:


Do you guys know where we could all contact each other and work? Like online clearly but yeah… you know what i mean

PM is good for me

Instagram or pm on here is good for me.

Sounds good :+1:

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I can help with coding ! :hugs:

Cool just tell me your episode insta and ill follow you. Im about to make a chat

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I can help with overlays! :two_hearts::relaxed:

I’d like to find a writing partner here! I would like to do some character art and create some plot lines. It would be cool!