Looking for a writing partner! [Romance/Drama]

Hello! I’m writing a new story Romance/Drama (kind of college story). I really need help with the plot of my story so I would love to have a partner!
English isn’t my first language so I can’t make typical English jokes or nicknames, so I also need help with it. I need someone who isn’t going to last a few days only (had partners like his), I would love to have someone with who I can write on a consistent basis.
We both are going to create characters, add plot details, and so on.
If you are interested in helping me with a plot, I would be really grateful!

Contact me here or on my Instagram: @val_episode


I would be interested in helping if you want!

Really? I would love too!

So your first language is english?


Do you want us to work here or you would like other media?

I would prefer working here if you don’t mind.

sure no problem

I will tell you the plot then, like I said it’s not finished. I had a writing partner but because of school she can’t keep it up.

So how do you want to work, like we are going to write scripts on google doc and so on or right away on the episode portal?

I think we can just work on the portal and exchange PMs here