Looking for a writing partner that knows how to code

Hi, I’m pretty new on the forum but been reading stories for several years. I’ve been trying out to write my own story lately but have been struggling with coding and editing.

I’m looking for one or more writing partners that knows coding and have a great imagination. Together we’ll decide the story and it’s outcome and I will promote you of course after I’ve built up my social media for just episode and vice versa.

So I’m looking for this:

  • Someone that knows coding and editing.
  • Wants to write a romance story with a writing partner.

Together we’ll figure everything out.

I want to learn more and have fun with this. So no need to go in all serious the first thing you do. I also see this as a good opportunity to improve my English skills (if you’re not familiar with the Swedish language lol) and to “get to know” people in the Episode world. :smile:

Thank you for reading. :slight_smile:


I would tot be interested lovely! I’ve kind of been searching for the same things! lol pm if your interested in working w me hun :heartpulse:


I’ve been looking for a writing partner for a while but I’m not that good at coding which is why I was looking for a partner :sparkling_heart:


Feel free to look for one here if you want. I’m bad at coding also :sweat_smile:

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Are you good at coding? I’ve tried so many times but want to kick my computer out of the window :rofl:

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Hey!! I’m interested in helping anyone that needs it!! I’m an experienced coder, but I have from little to none ideas for stories and plot :sweat_smile:


lmao, yes ofc. & ify lol I use to be like that too :joy: trust me it gets better & easier!

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did you find someone already?


I am Lf Mutiple people hun. What can you help with ? pm me :eyes: :white_heart:

I have found someone right now, but am open for more writing partners in the future :slight_smile:

me too

We are two now, but are still looking for one more that knows how to code. If you’re interested in working with us, send me a DM. We have a story in mind but need more ideas. :slight_smile: