Looking for a writing partner to collaborate with!

Hello guys,
I’ve been thinking about coding own stories for quite a long time now, but I think it would be so much more fun doing it with someone. Especially since I’m struggling with finding a good concept.

About me and what I’m looking for.
I’m soon to be 23 so someone around my age would be good. I’m also from Europe so it might be beneficial if your timezone isn’t too far off although that isn’t a necessity.
Generally, I’m more interested in “darker themes” (for example mental health, fantasy, drama,…) although I’m open to any ideas.
What I definitely don’t want to do are mafia and high school stories. Sorry but no.
What I definitely want to include is the option to choose genders and point systems or at least remembered choices. I’d be willing to do the coding for that too.

As a heads up, I never wrote a story before but I did experiment with coding before and I’m actually most excited about that part, I was just never able to come up with an interesting enough story concept.

Again as for the concept, I’d really love for it to be an actual collaboration and I really hope that i can find someone! If you have any questions please hit me up!


i want to explore darker themes too, have it where choices matter and a point system too so you’d be someone id LOVE to collaborate with

Hy! Do you have any storyline?

Currently not really, we could develop it together though.


hey my names luna and I have been looking for a collab writer to help with my new story I want to launch called celestial girl if youre interested ill tell you more about it but her names celeste and shes a fairy and the story is going to be about balancing her powers and listening to her inner most self through fighting and peace making and theres other creatures in it but thats the plot let me know my emails averymd9@gmail.com

Can we talk here or on instagram?

Hey are you still looking for one? I’m interested.

Desperately! Do you want to talk here or insta?

I’m more active on insta than the forums so you can text me there: @zoralinaaa

I can only text u when you follow me so I just followed you. @chrisraywallace.episode

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I need a writing buddie and a friend too, I have been reading episode stories for a very long time and I said why not write my own story for others to enjoy too I have already started it ,my first story. I could really need a partner who can contribute in any way he/she could, I’m kind of getting stuck in some places, we will both take credits for it. this is my Instagram handle if you will be willing to contribute @jennyposh12 you can also write me here too. Can’t wait to work with you. Thank you