Looking for a writing partner to help me

Am looking for a writing partner as I’m new it would be better to have someone along to read my story and if they have a story I can review theirs to

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I’ll do it.

Really @epy.queenie??

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Of course. I’m pretty much free.

I go to sleep at 2 AM anyway.

I go to sleep at 3 AM so um i’m a starter at this I don’t even know how to share my story with you

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Oh easy.
Go to

Choose a story you want to share.
If you chose one go

Then copy the link

oh ok, thanks!

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I will do it! I am also looking for a partner and I love to write and collaborating with others!

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If you’re still taking partners, I’ll also help!

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Yes! That would be great

I also need a writing partner… Anybody want to help write story with me?

Could I help?

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yea! that would be great! Sorry. couldn’t get to u sooner, was busy.

Hello, u there