Looking for a writing partner urgently!

Hi! I would love to collaborate with someone in a drama/love story I’m currently writing (I’m on the third episode) English isn’t my primary language, so I need someone to help me with the writing, proofreading, and of course to get more ideas! I will give you credit!


I’d be happy to help. I’m from the US and know a lot about grammar and spelling. PM me if you’re interested. :grin:

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That’s great! So how should we do it? I think it’s easier if I give you access to my portal but I login with Google :woman_facepalming:t4:

I’d love to help… if you still need some, of course!

Yes of course! I need max. 2 people. Although I login with Google I can find an alternative way to give you access to the script. Do you have Instagram?

Yes. I’ll give you my other account, not my personal one. I don’t have an episode Instagram account, but you can text me (@colton_cody) it’s a fan account so don’t get the wrong vibes…

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Great! I’ll text you there

Hi I’m great inEnglish since it’s my first language I’d love to help you still need the help?

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Yes sure! Do you have an Instagram account?

No :neutral_face: I don’t really do social media episode is the only exception

I’m new to this I only heard about this site a couple days ago from a friend I’ve been kinda wanting to write but I have no ideas so I might as well help

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Any ideas on how you can send me the script/story so I can edit it but if you already found someone it’s okay :ok_hand::hugs:

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Hey. I’m interested in you helping me write a story. Please DM me or follow me so we can chat. That would be great. I really want to start to write a story. And be able to publish it and get famous on Episdoe. Thanks. :heart::wink:

I need a partner. Thanks. DM me or follow me so we can chat. Thxs. :grin:

Um are you talking to me or the person that posted this

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I don’t mean to be rude just confued😬

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The person who wrote it. Sorry for the confusion!