Looking for a writing partner who already tried writing or at least know how to


hey guys , I’m looking for a partner to write with me … I have an idea for the story but if you don’t like it we can change :wink: dm me on instagram @epi.jen




I don’t have Instagram. But I can give you my email.


Or we can chat here.




what’s your idea


I was thinking of a girl who finds out she was adopted and decided to go and see them and the she finds love and more …


Okay, how about her parents are spies? And she quit her job to be with them and the boy she falls in love with just so happens to be her parents’s nemesis


yes I like this idea


Okay, so do you know how to code?
I know this is a dumb question but just in case


What do you mean ?..


To write a story on Episode with all the code.


Not all of them but I started learning…
I’m not that good :tired_face:


Okay. That’s fine. I don’t know if I’d consider myself an expert but I am advanced in some areas. Let’s start with characters. What does the MC look like?


I thought maybe if we could give the readers to choose.
But what ever you want .


Cool. I can do that. Do you want them to create the love interest too?


Maybe …
but I think that only the two of them


Cool. I can make it so that the parent’s get edited with the MC. Names? Who’s called what?


I don’t know .
Maybe scarlet or maybe Emma …
Uhm what do you think we should name the story?


Why Him?