Looking for a Writing Partner - Years of Confessions

Everything you need to know

Hello! I’m Jane Jo, I am currently working on a new story called Years of Confessions and I need a writing partner to help me along the way. This story will start with bringing new fresh faces along the way but most importantly, I need to see some drama and plot twists. Thank you so much for taking the day out of your time to read this post
Google Drive - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1GkDT9LnLLwddp0ZejDN9T_fi0FoZVyLp?usp=sharing
I will keep this google drive updated so I will regularly check if any updates have been made.

Hey, I am interested. I have some questions-
• Are you going to code?
• Have you already started with coding the episodes or are you planning out for now?

Hey there! I am currently planning out for now but I’m not coding yet.

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