Looking for a writing partner :)

Hiiiiii lovelies I am looking for a writing partner I am specifically looking for somebody who can contribute ideas and story plots and even if it is a group of people helping that would be amazing. If anyone is interested pls reply to this message, thank you very much

btw i am a pretty advanced coder :))


I would love to!

That’s great! Have you got any ideas and how would you plan to work together, I do genuinely work with INK but I would be open to the idea of giving LL a try

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Yes I do, I’ll pm them to you… We could make a joint account or find someway to put it on both accounts… I was hoping maybe we could do INK

Ok that would be great… and I agree, I love INK so much more tbh

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Hey I would be happy to help if you want an extra hand! All good if your fine with just you two but I thought I would put the offer on the table :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I need help with my story. anybody willing to help?

I’d be happy for another member!

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Hi :slight_smile: It depends what you need help with but I’d be more than happy to help out

Hi I newly started writing in episode but still did not publish yet. Though I am new I learned a lot and still learning. And not exactly good at coding. If you want I can be your writing partner. Ink is my favorite and I would really like to help if you have me.