Looking for a writing partner 🙈

Heyy so I’m working on a story and I was wondering if someone could help me along with the process of it. I have a few ideas for the beginning which I’m not sure of which one to pick. I also have a couple ideas to add to the story to make it more interesting and different from the rest. I hope I could find someone who’s willing to talk to me and help me with writing.
Story description (short):
The story is about a girl who finds out she isn’t just a normal teenage girl. Her whole life people lied to her, everyone keeps secrets of their own. The truth is dangerous, overwhelming and too much. She’s the only one powerful enough to stop the king of the magical world, to kill him. The king is evil and treats everyone in the magical world horrible. While she’s figuring things out with her new identity and health issues (such as having suicide thoughts caused by the fear of letting people down, from failing) The king and his men are out to kill her cause she’s a threat. She has to learn how to control her powers before her powers take control over her. She sees in her visions the end of the world, the human world. Can she save the magicals from beneath the ruling of the evil king and save the humans in time? Or will she let them down? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
My instagram: @jagoda_episode

I would love to help you! When I was first writing I never had anybody to look to, so I would love to give you the experience I never could have. Just let me know if your up for it! :wink: