Looking For a Writing Partner! :)


Hi! I’m looking for a writing partner to help me develop plots, write scripts, and create characters/outfits. I have a big idea for an episode that I can’t act on alone, so if anyone is interested please feel free to reply to this topic or message me!


I don’t know much of coding but I can help you with the plot
If you’re interested in co-writing pm me


I can help with characters/outfits and scripts :slight_smile:


anyone want to be partner with me?


i’m intrested


what do u want our story to name?


don’t u want to do the story with me?


Why don’t we all group up to create a an amazing story?!?!:smiley::smiley:



im interested, im not experienced in coding though. i’ve written/started short stories before. (pm me if interested)

@joqueena ('s) idea was cool too.


Okay since we all are interested in working with a partner, how should we go about this? Should we create a group chat and start planning as a group or what?? @RighteousHippie @phedra1234 @its_p_r_i_y_a @elaf @jess-ica




Yeah, a group chat would be nice, and start planning everything out as group. Anyone have social media we could converse on? @RighteousHippie @phedra1234 @its_p_r_i_y_a @elaf @EpisodeHelpers @joqueena


Joined, what’s your user so I can pm you?




I’m interested! (hope I’m not too late haha)




@joqueena add me on discord so we can continue? jess-ica#7668

it left an error message after you left the mutual server when once I tried replying to you.


Do you guys have an instagram?


Yea my instagram is joqueena_stories


Hey if you guys are still interested in being a group text me on discord @joqueena#4254 if you don’t have an account let me know. @RighteousHippie @its_p_r_i_y_a @elaf @LILE @phedra1234