Looking for a writing partner :)!

i’ve wanted to start a romance/fantasy story and i wanted some help if anyone is interested tell me plz! (i’ll give more details through a dm)


Sure! I’d be interested to create a story with you. Here are my contact information!
Instagram: 2dominique1412
Discord: Dominique1412

I have messaged you on insta

I have replied to you on Insta as well.

Hey! If you still want or need additionally help i will also be glad to help you!

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What’s your Instagram? I’m looking for writer partner

My instagram is @/ rinaaa_luv

I need a writing buddie and a friend too, I have been reading episode stories for a very long time and I said why not write my own story for others to enjoy too I have already started it ,my first story. I could really need a partner who can contribute in any way he/she could, I’m kind of getting stuck in some places, we will both take credits for it. this is my Instagram handle if you will be willing to contribute @jennyposh12 you can also write me here too. Can’t wait to work with you. Thank you

Me too .

Maybe I can help depending of what you need, same to luisa_xxo